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Key Positions Hard to Fill, Complain U.S. Firms

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Key Positions Hard to Fill, Complain U.S. Firms

PHILADELPHIA– July 24, 2012 – Despite the weak job market two-thirds of more than 100 U.S. companies surveyed have found it difficult to fill key positions during the past year, according to Right Management, the talent and career management experts within ManpowerGroup.

Seventy percent of the organizations reported that they “definitely” found it hard to recruit for certain jobs, while 25% said it was “somewhat” difficult.

Has your organization found it hard to fill some key positions in the past year?

  • 45% Yes, definitely     
  • 25% Yes, somewhat
  • 31% Not that I’m aware of 31%

“The latest findings are consistent with data gathered globally by Right Management parent ManpowerGroup,” said Michael Haid, Right Management’s Senior Vice President for Talent Management. “U.S. employers have been facing greater recruitment challenges than firms in most industrialized nations with the exception of Japan. The problem is what’s been described as a ‘talent mismatch’ with prospective job applicants lacking technical competencies or hard skills required by specific industries.”

According to Haid, the talent shortages are now a fact of life that U.S. companies will have to get used to. “The jobs they can’t seem to fill are often engineering related or have particular qualifications in both the professional and skilled trade categories. And in some cases deficiencies are in soft skills among IT and engineering candidates.”

Companies are responding to the challenge in a variety of ways, said Haid. “There’s been a steady rise in the contingent workforce as well as efforts to expand the skills of current employees. They’re also a growing trend toward hiring the ‘teachable fit’…individuals without all the prerequisite job skills, but who have the potential to grown into a specialized role.”
The survey of 110 U.S. organizations was conducted between June 16 and July 15.

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