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Workforce Transition and Outplacement

Workforce Transition and Outplacement

How do you help employees transition to new career opportunities?

Your organization’s workforce is a dynamic asset, requiring constant adjustments in response to changing marketing conditions and emerging business opportunities.

It is about strategically mobilizing and sizing your workforce to meet the needs of your business, minimize turnover and maintaining productivity of unaffected employees.

Right Management’s solutions include:

  • Outplacement
  • Career Decision
  • Redeployment
  • Career Development

Unmatched Quality in Outplacement Services

When a changing market, structure or mission calls for workforce planning and restructuring, organizations around the world choose Right Management. In fact, 89% of our clients are highly satisfied with our ability to strategically partner with them to ensure a successful outcome for the outplacement services we offer, and 98% of our clients would refer us to their colleagues and peers.

We offer outplacement services for individual candidates at all levels and backgrounds—from executives through front-line staff.

Outplacement Training & Notification Support
Involving Right Management at the first indication of a reduction-in-force will result in a smoother transition. We have more than 30 years of experience in both well-established and innovative techniques to support your company during the entire process from notification to separation. We’ll be there to address employee reactions, counsel them toward their next steps, and connect them with Right Management for a supportive career transition.

As the market leader, we make it our business to understand the dynamic realities of today’s workplace. Right Management offers a variety of programs to meet individual candidate outplacement needs, either in-office or virtually, each focused on delivering effective outcomes. All RightChoice candidates benefit from a personalized approach to career transition with flexible access, state-of-the-art technology (to facilitate interaction) and connections to critical resources until they secure a new opportunity. Additional solutions include Life Options, which assists individuals in planning for their next career phase (retiring, part-time work or active retirement).

Key Executive Service
The separation and career management of a top executive presents a complex set of considerations both for the organization and for the individual. Our Key Executive Service is a fully customized program of senior-level consultants that delivers individualized content and assistance for high-impact and high-profile executives. A network of specialist resources, business intelligence, and personal contacts supports these consultants. Key Executive Service clients have access to an Advisory Board for counsel on governance, executive compensation, financial planning, venture capital sources and more.

Group Programs
Group services are provided in consultant-led workshop formats to prepare groups of candidates to manage their own job searches effectively. Workshops provide participants with the opportunity to develop job search and networking skills while allowing ample time for practice and role-play exercises.

Career Centers
Right Management Career Centers is a highly effective solution for large-scale outplacement initiatives (over 100 employees). We provide companies with turnkey solutions which can include the development of a custom program tailored specifically to fit the culture and preferences of a particular candidate population. Our offering includes the option to create on-site, dedicated career centers for companies.

Enabling Technology Solutions
The technology that supports our outplacement delivery solutions includes some of the most sophisticated, easy to use and accessible in the industry. With our technology capabilities such as iView and RightEverywhere™ designed to facilitate and maximize connections with others, candidates can turn their contacts, networks, learning resources and tools into powerful career opportunities.

Redeployment brings organizational alignment

There are times when business changes impact internal positions. Right Management’s redeployment solution is an innovative strategic approach helping clients evaluate their workforce needs in growing sectors of the organization and work to redeploy talented employees to new roles within the company. Our processes are designed to effectively navigate change while ensuring high levels of engagement.

Individual Career Decisions

When businesses undergo significant organizational change – resulting from market dynamics, new technology, implementation of systems and processes, or shifts in business strategy – your workforce needs to be equipped with the knowledge required to make informed career decisions. Career Decision is a self-awareness and career decision-making solution. The activities are designed to increase individual self-awareness, allowing them to explore what they want and offer the organization, empowering them to make considered decisions about the future of their career, whether inside or outside their organization.

Proactive Career Development Solutions

Key to sustainable business success is ensuring that organizations have the right people with the right skills to get the job done and meet organizational objectives. Right Management helps organizations identify the skills and talent needed to achieve business goals. Career Development is a facilitated process that allows employees to develop skills and competencies aligned with organizational needs, providing opportunities to progress within the organization, ensuring high levels of engagement, and driving increased productivity and performance.