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Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness

How do you increase organizational effectiveness and the productivity of your workforce?

To increase organizational effectiveness, winning companies create sustainable competitive advantage by aligning their talent and business strategies.

Mergers or acquisitions, restructurings or shifts in business strategy are examples of fundamental organizational change that create strong demand for processes and systems to bring focus and restore the organization’s capability to function effectively.

Our organizational effectiveness capability brings value to our clients’ organizations by facilitating the integration and alignment of the business strategy with a workable talent management strategy.

At the heart of Right Management's organizational effectiveness capabilities, is our holistic approach to helping companies build and align the capabilities, processes, attitudes, and talent needed to more effectively implement its chosen strategy.

Organizational Effectiveness Solutions

  • Strategy Implementation
    Right Management’s Strategy Implementation consulting services improve an organization’s ability to successfully execute strategy. This is achieved by focusing on structure, people systems and processes, and to deliver great customer experiences.
  • Strategic Workforce Alignment
    Strategic Workforce Alignment is a unique interactive process for executives to quickly assess and prioritize various workforce strategies, employee needs and investments. Based on proven Six-Sigma methodologies, individuals use a specially designed diagnostic process called RightNavigator™ to prioritize (based on importance and satisfaction) a comprehensive set of organizational workforce strategies.
  • Change Management
    Right Management’s Change Management offerings are designed to support change at all levels of the organization. Our change management programs assist executives to drive organizational change, empower managers to lead through change, and enable employees to navigate and respond to change appropriately.